Cutting on highest quality level

To process plastics in an economical way is more important than ever. Every time plastic profiles are broken down by a saw precious synthetics are misspent. Additionally dust and noise are produced. With the aid of our innovative cutters those disadvantages will disappear. Our cutting technique enables the producer to assemble almost all plastic profiles with an outstanding cutting quality. Thereby even thin profiles can be broken down without any deformation.

According to the requirements of our customers we use only thin and bilateral lapped blades. Our blades are clamped by a special stretcher. Combined with innovative blade geometries and special heating tools one achieves precise and particularly reproducible cutting qualities.

Should it be necessary to substitute the blades we can arrange It in a fast and secure way with the help of our intelligent fast change system.

Would you like to know with what kind of superior quality you can cut your profiles? Do not hesitate to try it out!

CutPower – because cutting saves money

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